Haute Sugar Co.

Haute Sugar Co. COTTON CANDY REIMAGINED. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Organic Sugar - Natural Flavors - Sweet & Savory Toppings - Retail Line - Cotton Candy Cart Service - Weddings - Special Events. By Savannah Starr - Founder & Owner

I'm Living The Haute Life! Join Me On My Delicious Journey! 

My name is Savannah Starr and I'm the founder and owner of Haute Sugar Co. The idea came to me at 3am one morning when I couldn't sleep, thinking of my everyday work routine becoming too familiar and not challenging nor fulfilling enough for my sassy, wanderlust self. Flipping through my ideas notebook, I've had since I was 16 years old, the words "cotton candy" sparked an interest. Right then and there at 3am desperately searching for an answer I Googled cotton candy, found a video on YouTube, to have my mind blown and intrigued by a video with fairy floss topped with honey and pistachios. That was it; there came my AHA moment. Cotton candy with sweet and savory toppings - insert mic drop here #justsayin! 1.5 years later here I am hustling and on the grind to make my dream a delicious reality. I plan on being a multimillionaire by the time I am 27. What can I say, entrepreneur runs in my blood...and cotton candy in my heart! My delectable offerings are ready to serve via my Haute Sugar event cart. I just launched my luxe cotton candy retail line shoppe now - woot woot. More to come! For now...stay Haute. 

-Savannah Starr